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Unveiling the Beauty of World Paradise, Kelor Island Labuan Bajo

Indeed, the charm of the beauty of Labuan Bajo is unquestionable. The island inhabited by Komodo dragons will definitely make you feel at home on vacation there. But uh but, it turns out that Labuan Bajo is not only famous for its Komodo Island, you know! But there is also Kelor Labuan Bajo Island, have you been there?

This island is arguably a place that must be visited. Because everything is guaranteed to spoil your eyes. What's wrong there? Let's check out all the charms here.

Unveiling the Beauty of World Paradise, Kelor Island Labuan Bajo

The Charm of the Natural Beauty of Kelor Island Labuan Bajo

Kelor Labuan Bajo Island is located in Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. Almost the same as several other spots in Labuan Bajo, Kelor Island is able to offer the charm of beauty that is impossible to forget.

For those of you who are looking for a quiet, comfortable, and peaceful tourist attraction, Kelor Labuan Bajo Island can certainly be an option. What, what is so special about Kelor Island that makes it so special? Here are the unique facts!

1. Uninhabited Island

Kelor Island will be perfect for those of you who are looking for tranquility from the hustle and bustle of urban life. This island is deserted and uninhabited, it will definitely give you a comfortable, calm, and peaceful impression.

Lying back and closing your eyes, accompanied by the sound of the waves roaring and the beach breeze stroking your cheeks, it will definitely not fail to make you want to come back here again!

2. White Sandy with Clear Water

Who wouldn't be happy to see the view of the white sandy beach in front of their eyes? Guaranteed, your eyes will be spoiled when you arrive at Kelor Labuan Bajo Island.

The clear water like a mirror will also make your mind calmer. There, you will find small fish dancing and various other marine life. It will be an interesting experience, you must come here.

3. Underwater View

Another spot that you can enjoy while on Kelor Labuan Bajo Island is the diving and snorkeling spot. Anyway, you can't really waste this opportunity, because the paradise of Labuan Bajo is not only above the surface of the water, but also hidden below.

Small colorful fish, unique and beautiful coral reefs, and other underwater natural biota will definitely not make you stop smiling and amazed at God's creation.

And don't forget to make sure your diving equipment is complete and safe, in addition to being able to carry it yourself, this diving equipment is also usually prepared by the tour agent you use.

4. Romantic Places

Are you still confused about determining a place for honeymoon with your partner? Now there is no need to be confused anymore. The romantic atmosphere typical of Kelor Labuan Bajo Island will not fail to impress you and your partner.

Or are you looking for a place as the background for your preweddingphotos? Relax, Labuan Bajo Moringa Island can really be a solution. A white dress waving in the wind decorated with beautiful smiles of you and your partner can definitely be well documented here.

Make this Kelor Labuan Bajo Island paradise part of your love story with your partner, becoming a place that gives a special and special impression that you can remember for any time.

5. Interesting Photo Spots

Going on a tour anywhere would not be complete without a documentation session. Your best moments should be captured and can be remembered well at any time.

On Kelor Labuan Bajo Island, it is guaranteed that you will not lack cool and interesting photo spots, because 360 degrees as far as the eye can see will definitely be found cool and of course instagramable places.

Take pictures on a stretch of white sand, take pictures on a boat or boat, take pictures under the sea with colorful fish, all of which you can choose from and are ready to decorate your Instagram feeds. Don't be surprised if the number of likes and followers increases.

6. Exploring the Hills

Indeed, the charm of Kelor Labuan Bajo Island is unquestionable, not only the beauty of the beach and the underwater nature that you can enjoy, but here there are also hills that you can explore!

You can track up the hill to see a wider view of Kelor Island and from a different point of view, the view will not be inferior to Raja Ampat, believe me.

If you come here with friends or friends, this experience will certainly give its own impression, tracking together will certainly be more fun, right?

To get to the top of the hill, you only need about 20 minutes, but make sure everything is ready. Because to get to the top of this hill you have to fight more because of the terrain and slope of the hill which reaches about 45 degrees.

The tiredness of climbing the hill will pay off when you get to the top, looking around your amazing gaze can be an antidote to fatigue, and don't forget, capture the moment when you get to the top!

Travel Time

Arriving at Labuan Bajo you can go to Kelor Island with several choices of ships that you can ride, don't forget to adjust it to your needs and abilities. Some tour agents offer a variety of boat facilities that you can choose from.

If you depart from Labuan Bajo by boat, the time that can be taken is approximately 1 hour drive. But if you choose a speedboat, the time taken can be faster, which is about 30 minutes.

Departing by boat is usually the most recommended choice, although the travel time is somewhat slower than a speedboat, but with it you can enjoy the trip and the charm of the beauty of Labuan Bajo more in a longer time.

Not to mention that if you rent a boat with complete facilities, it will definitely feel more comfortable and enjoyable. Regarding travel information, tour packages, accommodation, and various other tourist needs, you can consult with Bajo Crew Tour.

Bajo Crew Tour offers a wide selection of Labuan Bajo tour packages to facilitate your vacation trip. You can consult first to get the best offer tailored to your needs.

Labuan Bajo tour packages also consist of several types, you can choose as you wish. You take a vacation by yourself? With friends and best friends? With a partner? Or with family? All of them are available in a selection of tour packages at Bajo Crew Tour.

So, can't wait to take a vacation to Kelor Labuan Bajo Island? It would feel less afdol if you just imagined it. Fix me, you have to come there and experience for yourself what it's like to be in heaven on earth. Waited, yes!

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