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5 Important Things in Labuan Bajo Honeymoon Package from Bajo Crew Tour

Honeymoon or honeymoon is one of every couple's dreams after the wedding procession. One of the tourist destinations that you can go to is Labuan Bajo. To make your honeymoon trip run smoothly, it never hurts to use the Labuan Bajo honeymoon package.

This package is deliberately devoted to those of you who have just got married and want to have a honeymoon. There will be many advantages if you use this package. Then what should be prepared and what benefits can be obtained? Check out the description below!

5 Important Things in Labuan Bajo Honeymoon Package from Bajo Crew Tour

Important Things in the Honeymoon Bajo Crew Tour Package

One of the travel agent recommendations that you can use in Labuan Bajo trips is the Bajo Crew Tour. This is because Bajo Crew Tour has a complete Labuan Bajo honeymoon package.

Before you decide to use the package, then pay attention to the following things first.

1. Prices and Activities

Prices for honeymoon packages actually vary depending on the length of time spent. The most expensive price for one person who will use this package is IDR 9,690,000.

The price is for a period of three days and two nights. While there, you can visit various tourist attractions such as:

  • Kelor Island, Kalong, Padar, Komodo, Sebayur, and Kanawa
  • Manjarite
  • Pink Beach
  • Manta Point
  • Taka Makassar

For additional information, the prices and activity benefits offered are valid for the period from January to December. This means that for one year, you are free to determine the time according to your schedule and wishes.

2. How to Order and Pay

Related to the way of ordering turned out to be so easy to do. You only need to call the contact number available on the official website, which is After that, the travel agent will check the availability of empty slots.

If the schedule you ordered is available, then the travel agent will contact you. Furthermore, if both parties have agreed, you are required to make a down payment of 10% to 50% of the total price.

You can make payments via bank transfer. The banks that you can use are BNI bank and BRI bank. You can pay the remaining fee one day before traveling.

3. Benefits Obtained in the Package

In addition to having a schedule of activities, the price offered has several other benefits. These benefits are such as pick-up starting from the arrival airport or from the hotel where you are staying.

You can also enjoy speed boat facilities and snorkeling packages at Pink Beach. You can also get one-time lunch facilities, snacks or fruit, and mineral water. In addition, documentation activities such as photos and videos will also be provided by the travel agent.

4. Things Not Included in the Package

Some things that are not included in the package are such as the cost of flight tickets, insurance during the trip, and tips for the crew (optional). In addition, you will also bear the entrance fee for Komodo National Park.

5. Terms and Conditions

Information on the terms and conditions in the honeymoon package must be well understood so that there are no misunderstandings. The first is that the DP that you have paid cannot be canceled or transferred.

If there is a cancellation of departure from the travel agent, the DP that has been paid can be fully refunded. In addition, when you make a delay in the departure time, the specified travel package cannot be returned as it should be.

Furthermore, if you cannot gather at the meeting point, then all forms of consequences will be borne by yourself. Finally, the travel agent will not be responsible for any loss incident.

Advantages of Using a Travel Agent

There is nothing wrong if you use the help of a travel agent to facilitate a honeymoon trip to Labuan Bajo. In addition to having a Labuan Bajo honeymoon package, it turns out that there are so many benefits that you can get.

The following are the benefits that you can get when using the services of a travel agent.

1. Consulting Partner

One of the obstacles that you may encounter is your ignorance of information about the tourist destinations you are going to visit. In addition to looking for information on the internet, you can also have discussions directly with travel agents.

They will explain various things related to the tourist destinations you will visit, including the Labuan Bajo tourist destination. Starting from the price of entrance tickets, lodging that you will use, to transportation during your trip.

2. Assist in The Itinerary

One of the advantages that you can get when using a travel agent is that you no longer need to make an itinerary or travel schedule. You need to know, the process of making a travel schedule cannot be underestimated, you know.

In compiling the itinerary, you must start looking for information related to tourist destinations according to the route passed. In addition, you also need to know ticket information and operating hours. In fact, you also have to determine the use of transportation.

This can be resolved when you use the services of a travel agent. They will help provide recommendations for tourist destinations and related information. You also don't need to think about the transportation to be used.

3. Get the Best Service

You can get the best service when using the services of a travel agent. Besides being able to be a travel consulting companion, they can also help you directly in terms of booking tickets during your trip.

4. Ease of Schedule Change

Maybe you've done the scheduling in detail. However, sometimes there are some obstacles such as getting sick and so on that make you cancel your trip. If you do not use the services of a travel agent, then hotel bookings and transportation tickets will be forfeited.

It's a different story when you use the services of a travel agent. They can help you in the refund process. However, you will get the burden of canceling the use of the ticket.

5. Hotel Booking Becomes More Affordable

If you book a hotel room independently, of course, the price you get is the standard price. However, when you use the services of a travel agent, you will most likely get a discount.

This is due to the extensive network owned by the travel agent. It is very profitable for those of you who only have mediocre funds but want to travel on tours.

6. Ease of Transportation

Another advantage that you can get from using a travel agent is the ease of transportation services. When you travel Labuan Bajo, you don't need to think about the transportation you will use. The risk of getting lost during the trip will also be minimized.

7. Tour Leader and Tour Guide Services

Every tour you take will get the services of a tour leader and tour guide. The tour leader will help you on your way from the airport to your return to the airport. Meanwhile, the tour guide will help you during your visit to tourist destinations.

That's information about the Labuan Bajo honeymoon package as well as the various benefits that you will get when using travel agent services. It never hurts to use their services to arrange your travel or honeymoon.

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