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6 Ways to earn money on holidays

One of the things that gets in the way and is often taken into consideration when going on vacation is cost . Of course, because holidays will require a hefty fee for travel tickets, hotels or inns, accommodation, transportation, and so on.

Have you ever thought about getting money from your vacation? Actually, this really can. In fact, many of the travelers get extra money from their trips. Not infrequently, they even work as travelers. Fun isn't it? vacation at the same time as earning money.. well at least there's no extra money to cover a little vacation expenses incurred 😀

So, here are some things you can do to get extra money from your vacation;

6 Ways to earn money on holidays

1. Create a Travel Story

Like to write? it's a good idea for colleagues to make notes and stories of vacation trips. Collect all these travel notes and arrange them in the form of a guide that is easy to follow and detailed.

The things that are written start from the preparation, the transportation used, unique things at the destination, reviews of the tourist places visited, details of what is in the tourist spots, and also supporting photos.

Then how to get money from this travel story? there are several ways:

Compose travel stories from colleagues in book format and then sell them through self-publishing services, such as . Here, your travel notes can be sold using a print on demand system, without making it complicated.

Selling via Google playstore . For this, additional techniques are needed but the market share is certainly wider.

Sell ​​your writing to travel blogs, like this, or other websites. There are many traveling websites that require travel writers. But usually they require a slightly different writing format. You can sell per article or in the form of many articles.

2. Become a tour guide/vacation planner

Do you have holiday experiences in certain areas? or do you know enough about certain tourist attractions? this can be used too. You can organize holidays for friends, co-workers, family, or anyone to an area you control.

Create an itinerary (detailed travel plan) including transportation, places to be visited, places to stay, consumption covered, and the like along with prices. Don't forget to add a special profit fee for your pocket, of course. From here you can vacation for free, plus get profit too.

If you bring a group, sometimes the hotels we contact will provide cheaper rates, not infrequently they even provide a hefty commission for us as leaders/vacation planners.

You can also offer this traveling plan in large forums such as Kaskus, Indowebster, and others.

3. participate in the affiliate program

Many hotel affiliate websites provide a hefty commission if we book a hotel through them. In addition, usually the price offered is cheaper compared to ordering directly to the hotel.

Of course, we can use this ourselves to get cheaper hotel prices, or offer it to your colleagues and get commissions from there. Not bad for extra pocket money?

4. Selling Vacation Photos

Love photography? maybe you can do this. You can sell your vacation photos through stock photo websites like or The requirements are indeed quite heavy, because the photos received require special specifications.

5. Goods entrustment services at

It's quite interesting to do. Colleagues can join which is a place for entrusting goods. Suppose you are from Bandung and on vacation to Singapore. Just post your route, then be prepared to entrust any items for shopping from Singapore. Fees can be determined from a percentage, set directly per item, or you can just sell it directly. The methods and methods of payment have also been accommodated by

Lazy to be entrusted with goods? friends can also just sell their souvenirs at the bistip market. Not bad right?

6. Create a traveling website

Another thing you can do is create your own traveling website. This traveling website or blog can be filled with travel stories, photo or video documentation, tips, and so on.

How to get money from the website? You can write your tour/guide services there, sell good quality vacation photos, sell books from point 1 there, sell your own travel guide ebooks there, sell hotel affiliations from point 3 on your website, advertisements, and so on.

If your website is good and has quite a lot of visitors, it is not uncommon for companies/brands to offer cooperation or sponsorship with great value.

You can create a website from a free blog service such as or, or create a website with your own domain. I tend to recommend creating your own website, because it's easier for brands and more free to manage.

Making a website difficult and expensive? not really. To create your own traveling website is quite easy, and doesn't cost up to millions. We plan to make a tutorial on how to easily create a website in the form of an ebook and video. Please subscribe to your email in the form below to get info when this tutorial is released, OK?

7. Become a buzzer on social media

Another thing you can do is to become a buzzer on social media such as Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram. For this, you need to have a lot of followers on social media, and be active. So, find as many followers as possible, post useful statuses about holidays and so on, build good relationships with your followers.

Just write down your email or contact info, usually if you have a lot of followers, advertisers will contact you directly. Rates per promotion status vary depending on the number of followers and active followers; ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands per status. Apart from that, you can also promote your traveling website, or things that were in the previous point there.


The things above are just some of the things you can do to get money from your vacation. Of course, if you are creative, there are many other ways that could be an opportunity to earn extra money from holidays.

Hopefully the tips above are useful for you.

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