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Sano nggoang Labuan Bajo Village

Participating in Labuan Bajo tour packages can be an alternative fun activity for vacationing with loved ones. Exploring the island located in the Flores area, East Nusa Tenggara, is indeed a must-enter into the list of interesting tourist attractions in Indonesia. 

If you are visiting Labuan Bajo, it never hurts to stop by one of the villages called Wano. This village is also known as Sanonggoang Labuan Bajo Village.

The panorama of this village is really able to make anyone who sees it become amazed. How come? Check out the charm below!

Sano nggoang Labuan Bajo

The Charm of Sanonggoang Labuan Bajo Village

The beauty of Sanonggoang Labuan Bajo Village is indeed a target for travelers because of its attractive charm. It is not complete if Labuan Bajo trip activities without visiting Sanonggoang Village.

When you are in this place, you can find a variety of interesting things and of course you don't want to miss it. The natural beauty that is presented deserves to be immortalized as a memory after leaving Sanonggoang Labuan Bajo Village.

1. Sunset Spot

Are you looking for a spot to see the sunset in Labuan Bajo? In this village there is a lake also known as Lake Sanonggoang. This lake can be the right choice to enjoy the charm of the sunset.

The beauty of the sunset made the color of the sky at that time so beautiful. Don't forget to prepare a camera to capture it! Especially if you are in Sanonggoang Village in sunny weather conditions.

You will see the orange sky when the sunset from this place is so beautiful. Moreover, it combines with the expanse of hills that are increasingly stunning to be viewed continuously.

2. Adrenaline-Filled Path

For those of you adventurers who like challenges, you can try walking the path around Sanonggoang Village, you can try this by walking the path to Golo Dewa Peak to the top of Savana.That being said, this adrenaline-filled path is a favorite choice for tourists.

Golo Dewa is also known as the best place to enjoy the scenery of Sanonggoang Village, followed by walking through the Mbeliling forest and several small islands in the Flores Sea from a height that you can walk for two hours.

You can get another more challenging path when you walk through dense forests and steep hills to Poco Dedeng Peak to get a beautiful view from the top of the peak.

3. Warm Water Tourism

Another best spot that you can find is to enjoy warm water tours. You can relax your body after a day of walking through Labuan Bajo in warm water tours sourced from Lake Sanonggoang. Wow, it's so interesting to try, huh?

Tourist attractions This warm water also contains sulfur flowing on the outskirts of Sanonggoang Village with a temperature of 37-100 degrees Celsius. The sulfur content is quite pungent when smelled by the nose. Here, you can boil foodstuffs such as eggs to cassava.

4. Rare Bird Species

Not only the view of the lake is beautiful, around Sanonggoang is also occupied by unique fauna, especially poultry such as birds you can find in the shady and still beautiful Mbeliling forest. It's no wonder that the animals live here.

The types of birds that you can find such as the flores crow (Corvus florensis), mountain duck (Anas superciliosa), thesis timor (Tesia everetti), benjut duck (Anas gibberifrons), tunggir-putih lizard (Caridonax fulgidus) and flores fan are increasingly attracting the attention of tourists.

5. Culture and Religion

In this village, there is also a residential area that occupies the area of the ancestral village of the people of Nunang, precisely located above the Golo Mblecek hills. It is said that their ancestors came from Minangkabau and the Bima Kingdom.

The location of these ancestors is precisely in the east of the people of Nunang. In addition, there is a church around the edge of the Village which became the center of the spread of the first Catholic religion, especially in the village of Wae Sano and its surroundings.

6. Get Around the Village

The vast Sanonggoang village and its beautiful green scenery are certainly a pity if you miss every corner of the village that is interesting to explore. You can use several alternative transportation to surround Sanonggoang Village.

In addition to walking, the guides also have horses and you can rent them and use them as a means of transportation while in this area. Such a pleasant experience can go around the vicinity of Sanonggoang Village while riding a horse.

Travel Packages and Tour Costs of Sanonggoang Labuan Bajo Village

In order for Labuan Bajo's trip plan to feel more perfect, you must know information about the location, travel route, tourist tickets, lodging and costs that must be incurred when visiting Sanonggoang Village. Curious? Let's listen carefully, yes!

1. Location

This village is located in Wae Sano Village, Sanonggoang District, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The village is located 63 kilometers from the city of Labuan Bajo. The village area which reaches 513 hectares has a depth of 600 and is at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level.

Although the location of the damaged road makes your journey a little long, but it will be comparable to the scenery you will get when you get to the fork in the road to Nunang Hamlet. The green expanse and lush forest are ready to welcome you.

In addition, you can also find local villagers who live in traditional houses made of woven bamboo. The location of this remote village makes visitors calm from the noise and feel calm.

2. Travel Routes

If you take by plane transportation, you can transit at Denpasar airport, then continue the journey by taking a ferry about 4-5 hours to NTT.

The road trip from Labuan Bajo city can be reached in 3-4 hours. The entrance of Sanonggoang Village is located in Wae Sano Village, precisely Nunang Hamlet.

You have to face challenging routes, especially since three-fourths of this trip is a combination of gravel, asphalt and dirt roads that make your vehicle have to relent when it crosses paths with other cars from the opposite direction.

3. Entrance Ticket and Opening Hours

By paying a ticket of Rp. 20,000, you can enjoy the Sanonggoang Village tour always open every day from 08.00 to 17.00. However, avoid scalpers when offering transportation services that might make your expenses swell.

4. Facilities

Some of the facilities available in Sanonggoang Village include information boards, tourist maps, trained tour guides, equipment for bird watching and also homestays that have been provided by residents with fairly complete facilities.

Staying at a homestay in a remote area is worth trying to get a new and exciting experience. For example, like enjoying solar electricity during the day, without air conditioning, the natural atmosphere will accompany you in your lodging place.

You have read some information about Sanonggoang Labuan Bajo Village tourism. You can use this reference as a hint for those of you who have plans to spend a vacation in the country this year.

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