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Labuan Bajo, A Must-Visit Tourist Gem On Flores Island

Indonesia is known as one of the countries that have a lot of natural wealth. This is evident from the landscape of the Indonesian archipelago that spoils the eyes. One of the beautiful islands in Indonesia that must be visited is Flores – which is included in one of the archipelago clusters in East Nusa Tenggara.

Although not as well known as Bali, Flores has its own unique charm, especially those offered by Labuan Bajo. Then, actually, Labuan Bajo where and what are there? As the capital of West Manggarai Regency, this city is quite famous for those who want to visit the Komodo National Park. 

This location is famous as the gateway to Komodo Island and Rinca Island – two of which are inhabited by Komodo dragons. Starting from here, people began to realize the beauty of the exotic nature that was there.

Labuan Bajo, A Must-Visit Tourist Gem On Flores Island
Labuan Bajo, A Must-Visit Tourist Gem On Flores Island

Why Should You Visit Labuan Bajo?

As already mentioned, the natural beauty offered by Labuan Bajo invites people to deliberately come there. Here, tourists can stay in the inn and enjoy the beauty of nature. Or those who want to adventure by diving into the ocean or hiking and exploring the surrounding beaches using Labuan Bajo tour packages. Here are the detailed reasons why this location is indeed worth visiting:

1. Natural Beauty

One of the reasons to visit the island is its natural beauty which cannot be missed. Everything in Labuan Bajo is still very natural, both plants, the sea, and the air. So, this place is perfect for people who need tranquility and fresh air for a vacation. Tourists who come do not need to go far to see its natural beauty, because almost all areas there are still very natural and beautiful. So just by opening the window of the hotel/inn, the tourists can already see the green ocean.

2. Lots of Sightseeing

Komodo Island is one of the famous tourist attractions not only in Labuan Bajo but also around the world which makes this area famous. But besides Komodo Island, many other tours can be done such as diving, spasms, or taking a boat. For beach lovers, there is also no need to worry, because there are beautiful beaches that will certainly not disappoint.

3. Cool Diving Spots

Diving lovers will also love this island very much because the water around is very clean and crystal clear. So that even the underwater beauty will be seen easily and clearly. This island also has underwater beauty that should not be missed such as corals and unique fishes that do not exist in all places in Indonesia such as in Labuan Bajo.

4. Quiet Atmosphere

One of the advantages of this location is the city of Labuan Bajo and its quiet island, away from the crowds. So a trip to this island will be very exciting and fun. Although it is starting to be known to tourists, the city is not too crowded yet. So that every tourist who comes can visit quietly without interruption.

5. Cultural Tourism

Cultural uniqueness is another reason to visit this island. The culture on this island is known to be traditional and quite thick. This can be seen in the many traditional houses that still exist in Labuan Bajo. So, in addition to seeing the beauty of nature, tourists can also see and learn about the culture there.

Must-Visit Destinations in Labuan Bajo and Flores

Feeling incredulous about the reason why you should visit this location above? Then you must know in advance what tourist destinations are here. Everything is suitable to be included in the Labuan Bajo tour package and there will definitely be no word of recency. Here are the locations that should be on the list of visits when coming to this island on the south side of Indonesia:

1. Padar Island

If you visit Labuan Bajo, then visit Padar Island. The island has many green hills that stretch throughout the island. In the rainy season, the entire hill will be bright green making the scenery beautiful.

The opposite will happen when the dry season comes, the grass turns yellow because it is not splashed by rain and creates a slick gradation of the colors of the scene. The waters on Padar Island located in Labuan Bajo are also still very clean and clear, making it suitable for exploration. Many states that Padar Island is beautiful like a paradise because it cannot be described in words.

2. Wae Rebo

For tourists who want to learn and know more about the culture in Flores and Labuan Bajo, then visit Wae Rebo. This village is still very sticking to customs, so it is indeed relatively traditional compared to other villages. The people here still live in a traditional house known as Mbaru Niang, which is round in shape and roofed with a cone.

The tourists who come can also see and even stay inside this traditional house. But make sure to book in advance especially if it comes during the trip season in Labuan Bajo. Because the distance is quite far, it is recommended that tourists stay overnight so that they can explore more of this village.

3. Lake Kelimutu

This lake is certainly familiar to most Indonesians because this lake was once a picture in the denomination of Rp5,000. The journey to this lake is indeed quite far, which is about 2.5 hours from the city center the road is quite rocky and it takes more than a day if you use a car from Labuan Bajo. Before arriving at Lake Kelimutu, tourists will see a steep cliff along with the monkeys guarding the area.

After walking through these cliffs, tourists can see three lakes but in two different colors. One of the lakes is pitch black and the other is Tosca green. Experts argue that the color of the lake is always changing, depending on weather conditions as well as the reaction of the chemical substances contained in the lake. But indeed this lake is most often Tosca green and black.

4. Rangko Cave

One of the must-visit destinations when visiting Labuan Bajo is Rangko Cave. This cave looks like a cave in general, but in this cave, there is a stretch of water that can be used for swimming. So the tourists can swim freely in their own pool, but be sure to pay attention to cleanliness when coming here.

The top of the cave located in the north of Labuan Bajo city is filled with beautiful ornaments that make the cave beautiful and unique. In addition, in this cave no bats are flying around, making the cave very comfortable. If you want to visit here, then come as early as possible because the trip here is quite far. And the beauty of this Cave is seen from 12.00 – 14.00 local time.

5. Cunca Wulang

Another private swimming pool in Labuan Bajo that can be visited by tourists and is no less beautiful is in Cunca Wulang. If it was previously located inside the cave, this private swimming pool is located between the cliffs. The atmosphere in this location is very quiet and the water is also very blue so that anyone who comes will immediately fall in love.

Not only beautiful cliffs and valleys, but tourists can also see exotic and natural waterfalls To reach this location, make sure to leave in the morning so as not to be idle on the road when returning to Labuan Bajo. This is because this location will become too dark to pass and there are still limited sources of electric lighting.

6. Manta Point

For diving lovers, be sure to explore Manta Point where the divers can see the underwater beauty of Labuan Bajo. One type of fish that tourists can see is the Manta Ray which can rarely be seen in other Indonesian oceans.

When meeting the Manta Ray, be sure not to panic because the fish are not dangerous. Try to stay relaxed so as not to scare the fish and stay away. That way, the divers from Labuan Bajo can chat and hold the fish.

During diving, make sure to also use closed clothes because the waters here have many jellyfish that can sting tourists who visit one of Labuan Bajo's tourist attractions. The ocean current from Manta Point is also very fast, so make sure not to swim and away from the accompanying guides.

7. Komodo Island

Komodo Island is one of the tours in Labuan Bajo that makes this island famous and visited by tourists from various parts of the world. On this island, tourists can see Komodo dragons freely and can take their photos freely as well.

At the time of the opening, about 2500 Komodo dragons were living on this island and there were other animals. But over time, many Komodo dragons died and disappeared. Therefore, currently, Komodo Island in Labuan Bajo cannot be freely visited by tourists. But it doesn't hurt to try to visit, because of the certain time the island reopens to the public.

Saving Tips for Visiting Labuan Bajo

One of the disadvantages of traveling to this area is its location far from Jakarta, thus causing expensive costs. The price of a ticket to the Flores area can sometimes be more expensive compared to a ticket abroad. So it's not wrong if many hesitate and choose another location for the trip. However, if anyone wants to make a trip to Labuan Bajo, then try the following tips to save costs:

1. Choosing a Trip Time

One of the things that makes a trip to Labuan Bajo expensive is that tickets to the Flores area are expensive, especially in the peak season. Therefore, try to choose a time that is not crowded such as March, or a time that is not full of red dates. Because at these times everything becomes expensive and of course, there will be more crowded.

2. Take an Open Trip

If you want to visit but don't have friends to invite, try to join the open trip. An open trip is a tour package consisting of people from various directions. Later, these people will be combined into one, and then visit and trip together.

If you decide to take an open trip, choose the Labuan Bajo package so that you can visit the surrounding areas. This package is also usually more efficient than traveling alone because all fees will be charged to all trip participants.

3. Choosing a Road Trip

Another way to save costs if you want to go to Labuan Bajo is to take it by road trip. There are actually many ways to reach Flores, both land and air. Compared to air, via land is much more efficient but takes a long time.

If you want to visit Labuan Bajo, then try flying to Jakarta or Bali. Then from these two cities, use a road trip to reach the target location. A road trip from Jakarta/Bali can take about 1 day on its own, so be sure to bring provisions to be on the road.

4. Choosing Cheap Lodging

Another way to save when visiting this island is to choose a cheap lodging location. There are many lodgings available in Labuan Bajo, but many are offered at prices that are quite draining. Therefore, choose a lodging that is cheap and safe in the pocket. Many types of lodgings such as hostels and guest houses are provided by local residents at low prices, but the facilities are still sufficient.

5. Bringing Savings Provisions

If you take part in Labuan Bajo travel/open trip, usually everything will be guaranteed, and live safely during the trip. But if you travel alone, then try to bring some of your own provisions so you don't always snack. Even if you want to buy food outside, don't hesitate to buy food on the side of the road. Because of the large number of tourists visiting, many restaurants sell food at high prices.

Equipment you need to bring

To support trips and activities while in Labuan Bajo, several pieces of equipment must be brought. This equipment is very important because it will facilitate activities and make trips more comfortable. So what do you need to bring when traveling to this beautiful island?

1. Sunblock

The first piece of equipment that must be carried and used is sunblock. Most of the activities in Labuan Bajo will be carried out outdoors and exposed to direct sunlight. So make sure to always use sunblock with high SPF before starting tourist activities here.

2. Mountain Shoes/Sandals

Almost all tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo are in outer nature. So that during activities remain comfortable, then use shoes or mountain sandals. Mountain sandals are safest to use because of their strong durability as well as being suitable for various kinds of weather. So even if it's hot or rainy, the mountain shoes/sandals will still be substantial.

3. Drinking Bottle

The temperature in Labuan Bajo city is quite high and hot, therefore bring a drinking bottle during the trip. Besides being able to refresh the body and throat, carrying a drinking bottle can save expenses. Because there are also many free drink refills for tourists.

4. Camera

Don't forget to bring a camera when visiting Labuan Bajo. Because almost all locations on this island deserve to be photographed and used as a memento. So make sure to bring a camera, especially a waterproof camera so that it can be used for underwater activities. or you can use the services of a photographer provided by Bajo Crew Tour.

5. Comfortable Clothes

Wear comfortable clothes during this trip to Labuan Bajo. Make sure the clothes are also thin but absorb sweat. The weather here is very hot and makes the production of excessive sweat, not a boast. Don't forget to also bring a swimsuit because many swimming locations must be visited when you come here. So don't let it not be so swimming because there is no change of clothes,

There are so many reasons and tourist destinations worth visiting in Labuan Bajo. For those who want to see it here, but are confused about where to start, then there is no need to worry. Bajo Crew Tour is here to facilitate tourist trips on the island of Flores and its surroundings, both personally and in groups. That way, no need to worry anymore and just enjoy the stunning natural beauty. 

There are many choices of Labuan Bajo tour packages offered by Bajo Crew Tour, including Open Trip Packages, Private Trips, Speedboat Tours, Phinisi Boat Rentals, and even also provide Photographer Services, to record all your activities while traveling in Labuan Bajo

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