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The Sensation of Staying on a Boat

The Sensation of Staying on a Boat

The experience of living on a boat is a rare opportunity for everyone who lives in a city or area far from the ocean. You can feel the sensation of staying on a Labuan Bajo boat when you take a Labuan Bajo tour package.

For those who have never sailed using a ship, they must be curious, right? Come on, see what fun you will find when you spend the night on the ship.

The Sensation of Staying on a Boat

1. More Efficient

More Efficient

Tourists who take open trip packages or private trips will benefit greatly because it is easier to take care of various accommodations, transportation and other needs. Especially if the selected package is more than one day.

You only need to take care of the administration once, immediately get lodging facilities on the ship that takes sails to tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo according to the desired package. Very effective isn't it?

Not to mention that you still get other facilities that are no less complete than hotels on the mainland. You can certainly rest and do activities comfortably while on the ship.

2. Watch Sunrise and or Sunset

Watch Sunrise and or Sunset

The view of the sunset when viewed on the boat is definitely getting better because it looks very clear. Plus the setting is in the form of a vast ocean. You are as if you are not far from the sun.

The next day, the view of the rising sun from the eastern horizon is ready to welcome you. Moments like this should not be missed. Not necessarily another day you have free time to enjoy the same scenery.

Therefore, prepare all your needs well including the camera to capture it in various forms, whether photos or videos.

3. Many Selfie Spots

Many Selfie Spots

The ship will sail from one place to another as scheduled on the tour you are taking. Automatically will find a lot of spots to take pictures not only when descending and exploring on each island, but in the middle of the sea can also be selfie.

Many islands in Labuan Bajo are photogenic so they are suitable to be used as photo spots, for example in Pink Beach, Rinca Island, Padar Island and others.

In addition, the ship is also designed as attractive as possible so that the outside and interior look amazing and unique. There is nothing wrong with also being used as a selfie spot.

For those who like to swim, you can use certain times to snorkel and enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery, coral reefs and play with manta fish species.

Some packages, both private and open-trip, provide a fairly large number of photo facilities. Alternatively, you use the services of a photographer to help document all your activities.

The cost is also affordable, photographers have experience in their fields so that the results of each photo must be maximum and satisfying.

4. Romantic Dinner

Romantic Dinner

For lovers who want a romantic dinner with a different atmosphere, they can use the concept of dinner on a ship with a well-designed room.

For those who want to honeymoon or give a surprise on a special couple day, to celebrate the anniversary or want quality time with family can also be.

The menu available is also varied so you can still pamper yourself with your favorite food. Each ship has reliable chefs who are ready to serve a variety of special menus for passengers.

There are many other interesting ideas that can be done during a Labuan Bajo trip and rent a Labuan Bajo boat. These various interesting sensations will never be obtained unless you are LOB (Life On Board).

The sense of family, togetherness, friendship will be closer by doing LOB in groups. On different days, maybe you will find it difficult to find the right time to gather together.

Express affection for each other, give comfort, joke, laugh and unwind with loved ones. Therefore, it is better if you plan to stay a few days on the ship, bring your family or partner.

Of course, it will give a special happiness in one's heart that cannot be expressed in words.

5. Enjoy the Night View

The night view in the middle of the ocean can be enjoyed at the very top of the ship is one of the sensations of staying on the boat. The sprinkled stars can add a romantic feel to the ship you're on. Anyone will surely cluck in awe at how beautiful God's creation is.

Usually the breeze will blow slowly to color the beauty of the night. Where else would you find the scenery as well as the night atmosphere as good as this if not on the ship.

List of Ship Options

1. Phinisi Ship

This traditional Indonesian ship is made in Bulukumba Regency, South Sulawesi. The quality is beyond doubt, many people from all over the world have entered the queue of ship bookers.

Phinisi Ship

The number of phinisi in Labuan Bajo is quite large. Some of them are modified from their original form to provide comfort when used for traveling. The rates set for boat rental vary between 15-50 million rupiah per day.

There are 3 kinds of phinisi ships available, namely phinisi, phinisi luxury and semi phinisi. The three types of ships are distinguished by their size and facilities.

It is really lucky if someone has the opportunity to board this luxury ship. Although the traditional feel of the ship is still thick, with the combination of modern interiors, the ship looks even more beautiful.

The boat is even cooler because it is equipped with snorkeling and diving equipment. This is a special attraction so that many tourists choose phinisi as their vacation accommodation. Here are the advantages of phinis that must be known:

Spacious Room

Spacious Room

Spending a whole day trekking, playing on the beach and other activities will make the body tired. Therefore, the rooms on the ship are deliberately made spacious so that staying on the boat feels comfortable.

The presence of sea waves that make the ship move creates its own sensation for all occupants of the ship. There are also private room facilities for tourists who want privacy.

Big Ship

Its larger size provides comfort in activities during LOB. The indoor section is divided into private bars, dining rooms and various other spaces so you won't feel bored and bored.

2. Yacht

This ship is a form of a real floating hotel. This can be seen in all the facilities available in it. The interior and exterior design are also made classy and very luxurious.

A number of yachts in Labuan Bajo are available in small to medium sizes. The ship is designed to accommodate 5-8 people. The rental price is quite fantastic, a 3-night package is priced at around 150-250 million rupiah.

3. Medium

There are two kinds of medium ships available, namely medium with air conditioning and without air conditioning (using a fan). The prices of the two are not much different so you are more recommended to choose an AC boat.


Thus, your sleep becomes more comfortable. However, there are people who are not strong with the cold air conditioning so there is an alternative choice, namely a ship with fan facilities.

How is the sensation of staying on a luxury boat in Labuan Bajo? Of course, it is very exciting and there are many interesting experiences that are present to color your life so that the Labuan Bajo trip becomes more memorable.

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