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Labuan Bajo Where is It? Anyone Don't Know Yet?

Labuan Bajo Where is It? Anyone Don't Know Yet?
Labuan Bajo Where is It? Anyone Don't Know Yet?

Labuan Bajo Where is It? Anyone Don't Know Yet? - In early 2009 when I first set foot in Surabaya and started socializing with people around, there were some simple template questions related to names, and addresses the surest thing to ask people with a distinctive stature like me were, 'where did it come from?' and often answered Labuan Bajo, derivative questions then appeared afterward. Where is Labuan Bajo?

So unpopular was Labuan Bajo at that time, that even people who felt educated at that time did not necessarily know. Not infrequently from those who guessed about Labuan Bajo in Flores, NTT, it was thought to be in Papua there. Well, we may be the same black, but we are not in the same city. We may be the same, but we are not on the same island.

If Not In Papua, then Labuan Bajo Where?

Well, let's open the map, then type the word Labuan Bajo, you will know if the distance from Labuan Bajo - Papua when compared to Labuan Bajo - Java looks almost the same. Even if we calculate a little, the distance between Labuan Bajo - Papua is still a little farther than compared to the distance between Labuan Bajo - Java. I've started to understand that we're not Papuan. Now let's start his Geography lesson. 

So that all of you who have missed information and don't have the Maps application on your cellphones can know where Labuan Bajo is located. So geographically, Labuan Bajo is located in Pula Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Province. Labuan Bajo is the capital of West Manggarai Regency. One of the young districts in Indonesia. West Manggarai itself is a regency resulting from the expansion of the Manggarai regency which previously if we look at the area almost equal to Bali province.

Maybe if we count 70% of the people in the world already know about Komodo where. But maybe only 30% of those who know where Labuan Bajo is located. whereas if you visit that ancient animal, you will most likely stop by Labuan Bajo. because Komodo itself is located within the west Manggarai regency.

 So, if you depart from your city with plans for a trip to the island of Komodo, you will definitely stop by Labuan Bajo where only in this city is located port, terminal, and airport for public transportation from outside the city. Unless you use a giant yacht owned by an overseas person there, which makes it possible to directly dock around the island in Komodo National Park.

So you have begun to understand, right, where is Labuan Bajo located? well, now you have passed the Geography subject.

Labuan Bajo Unrest

After quite a long time writing about Labuan Bajo. I so forgot to introduce myself. My name is Fuad.

I was the first initiator of the Bajo Crew Tour. This business idea in the world of tourism emerged not only because of the element of profit, but also many other things that started it.

The concerns of some Labuan Bajo tourism actors such as Guides, Photographers, and Documents related to price competition and the small wages they get when compared to the risks they will face. This is my foundation that there must be one Trip Agent built by the original people of Labuan Bajo and become a parameter for anyone who wants to build and utilize the above tourist actors more wisely.

Pretentiously thoughtful indeed. But the Bajo Crew Tour is not as easy as folding the philosopher's tongue as well when it is made. There were many challenges and trials that many times before it finally became what it is today. I can probably only tell you more if we meet later. You see, while this piece of writing is being made, I also don't have much of a narrative that I want to share. hahaha...

Labuan Bajo Tour Packages

Labuan Bajo Tour Packages have recently become very tempting to be observed. The influence of massive cultural changes after sailing Komodo from a fishing village to a tourist city is sock culture that may be experienced by almost all people, especially the young people of Labuan Bajo.

Fishing boats don't take long to turn into tourist boats and become more and more numerous every year. Currently, approximately 600 sailboats are operated for tourism in the city of Labuan Bajo.

Even though I don't have a boat, I inevitably became part of the cultural change above, by establishing a Labuan Bajo tour agency, and participating in selling tour packages in this city.

Lastly, there's not much special I can tell you other than hoping you'd come to just say hello or take a walk, or stop by our office in Serena. For the rest, we'll tell you more here. See you guys!

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