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Items to Bring When going to Komodo Island for a Tour

When traveling to Komodo Island, you need careful preparation. You should plan your trip well so that your tour runs smoothly. There are some things that need to be brought when you go to Komodo Island.

Some of these items need to be prepared from the beginning because you will go to an island with a different weather from where you live. You also have to prepare items for unexpected circumstances that can occur during the trip or when you arrive at Komodo Island.

Necessities to Komodo Island

Here are some items that need to be brought when going to Komodo Island:

1. Backpack

It's an easy-to-carry and handy bag. In addition, backpacks can also be used to store large quantities of items. Backpacks are perfect for traveling to Komodo Island, as you need to carry a lot of things.

2. Suitcase

Luggage needs to be carried if you travel for more than 1 day, for example, 3 days 2 nights. A trip that takes 3 days 2 nights requires you to bring a lot of things and of course you need a suitcase to carry all those things.

Separate some bath needs, clothes, medicines, and other equipment so that you can easily find them when you need these items.

For labuan bajo tour packages to other islands besides Komodo Island, the suitcase will be very practical because it can accommodate quite a lot of change of clothes.

3. Medications

If you have allergies, you must bring your medicine when traveling. You'd better bring your own medicine from home in anticipation of an emergency.

When you are sick and away from the hospital or pharmacy, you can still take medicine because you have brought it from home. Traveling long distances requires you to be ready in every situation.

4. Change of Clothes

You have to bring a change of clothes when you go to Komodo Island because the weather there is quite hot, so you sweat easily. Even though you may only spend 1 day there, you should still bring a change of clothes.

With a change of clothes, you can use the clothes you brought to change after taking a shower. That way, you can feel fresh to continue the tour without any unpleasant odors appearing.

Tips for choosing the color of clothes are those other than black. This is because black can absorb heat very well, so you will easily overheat when wearing black clothes.

Choose clothes with lighter colors that don't absorb too much heat, so you can feel cooler wearing them.

5. Underwear

Underwear is a mandatory item that you must bring. You could have snorkeling or diving plans. For this reason, underwear needs to be brought from home so you don't have to bother buying when at tourist sites.

Buying underwear at tourist sites can be difficult if the brand of underwear you want is not available. In addition, wearing new underwear is also uncomfortable because you haven't had time to wash it.

As a tip, bring underwear beyond the need to anticipate the heat or sudden swimming plans. That way, you still have spare underwear for unexpected circumstances.

If you have plans to directly continue the Labuan Bajo tour to another island, then you will need more underwear.

6. Toiletries

If you are selective in using certain brands for toiletries, then bringing your own toiletries is the thing to do. Bring toiletries ranging from soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, to shampoo.

It would be great if you have a special pouch to put toiletries, so that the packing is neat and you can easily find the item when you need it.

7. Facials

Facial treatments for women such as day and night creams, lotions, to powder and lipbalm should be brought so that you can immediately use them when you need it. Because Komodo Island has a hot air, you should also bring sunblock.

Put your facial care products in a separate pouch with toiletries so you can easily use them.

8. Sunglasses

To anticipate the scorching heat of the sun, bring sunglasses to protect your eyes. With sunglasses, your eyes will not be exposed to direct sunlight, so you can better enjoy the scenery in the tourist area.

9. Hats

A hat is an item that needs to be carried when going to Komodo Island to protect your head from the scorching sun. Hats can help you to stay relaxed enjoying a tourist trip when the weather is hot.

10. Photo Equipment

This equipment can be in the form of a camera, cellphone, tripod, or other equipment that you usually bring to take pictures or record videos. This equipment is important to capture your holiday moments.

If you plan to dive, then you need to bring a waterproof camera to be able to photograph natural scenery under the sea.

Excursions to Islands Other Than Komodo Island

Do a tour of Labuan Bajo, many very beautiful small islands that can be visited. As long as you are still in Labuan Bajo, it's a good idea to visit several other islands besides Komodo Island. Some of these islands are:

Rinca Island

Rinca Island has a komodo dragon habitat of about 1500 heads. On this island, you can see nice and natural scenery. In addition to Komodo dragons, there are also other animals that live on this island such as wild pigs, buffaloes, and birds.

The natural ecosystem that is maintained makes Rinca Island an attractive tourist destination after Komodo Island.

Sabolo Island

Sabolo Island offers beautiful natural scenery as well as clear blue seas. This island is usually not so crowded with tourists, but this place has exotic natural beauty.

For those of you who want a quiet vacation time while swimming or snorkeling, then Sabolo Island can be used as a tourist destination after Komodo Island. In addition to swimming, you can also trekking in the hills on this island to see the scenery.

Kanawa Island

Kanawa Island has an area of about 35 hectares and its main attraction is its charming beaches and underwater natural beauty. You can see the underwater beauty from above quite clearly because the water is very clear.

Here there is a diving center for those of you who want to dive. You can see sunfish, turtles, and coral reefs with a variety of colorful fish living around. The underwater scenery on Kanawa Island is no less beautiful than the one in Bunaken.

Padar Island

The main attraction on Padar Island is the beauty of its beaches. You can enjoy playing in the sand as well as swimming. For the main island, there are no big trees and only grass grows. On this island, there is no komodo dragon habitat.

If you want to take a walk around the island or want to go to the top, it is recommended to use shoes to make it more comfortable on the trip.

Careful preparation will make your tour smoother without any problems. If you immediately continue your journey to other islands besides Komodo Island, you should bring more change of clothes.

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