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Kalong Labuan Bajo Island, an Exotic Wild Island

Kalong Labuan Bajo Island, an Exotic Wild Island

Kalong Labuan Bajo Island is one of the tourist destinations around the Labuan Bajo area. Many people are starting to make these tourist destinations as a must-visit place when traveling Labuan Bajo. What is this island like? Let's look at it so you know more details.

Kalong Labuan Bajo Island

You must agree that East Nusa Tenggara is one of the locations that holds exotic natural charm. Every tourist destination on the island always provides its own uniqueness. So do not be surprised if East Nusa Tenggara is one of the most visited islands.

Starting from Komodo National Park which has typical ancient animals, to Kalong Labuan Bajo Island which has a beautiful charm, guaranteed to make you addicted! Until now, Kalong Island has always had an increase in visitors every year.

Kalong Labuan Bajo Island

Location of Kalong Island

The exact location of Kalong Labuan Bajo Island is still included in the Mbeliling Protection Forest area of East Nusa Tenggara. Where the island when viewed from a distance will be among the small islands of the Komodo National Park area.

Route to Kalong Island

In order to get to these tourist destinations, you can use several modes of transportation. One of them is to use the air route or use an airplane. The nearest airport that you can use is the airport located in Denpasar Bali.

From the island of Bali you can use the sea transportation mode, namely by taking a ferry. The estimated time you need to get to East Nusa Tenggara is about 4 to 5 hours.

Furthermore, if you have entered the East Nusa Tenggara area, you can take a bus to go to the port of Labuan Bajo. The next alternative transportation that you can use to get to the location of the island of Kalong Labuan Bajo is to use a speed boat.

The distance between Kalong Island and Labuan Bajo port is only about 8 km. The estimated travel time required is about 1 hour by sea. Pretty fast isn't it?

Estimated Cost to Kalong Island

The best advice for exploring to Kalong Labuan Bajo Island is to use canoe transportation. The cost required is also quite affordable. But the important thing you should know is the safety of the island.

Because until now Kalong Island is still "inhabited" by towering shrubs. So, it can be ascertained that there are many wild predatory animals in it, for example, such as pythons. Therefore, when visiting the island, it is highly recommended to stay at least one night.

The estimated cost required to be able to stay on the island is around 1 to 3 million rupiah. However, if you use the services of a travel agent, maybe the costs you will spend can be a little more affordable. One of the travel agents that you can use is Bajo Crew Tour.

Facilities Offered

Maybe you are still confused, what facilities are there on Kalong Labuan Bajo Island? The following are some of the facilities offered.

1. Diving and Snorkeling Spots

Kalong Labuan Bajo Island is one of the tourist destinations rich in natural charm. One of the facilities owned by this island is the existence of diving and snorkeling spots. Where the spot is sought after by water sports lovers.

Realizing that many visitors do not have supporting equipment to do diving or snorkeling activities, the manager decided to provide rental for some of the supporting equipment for these activities.

Starting from the rental of masks, fins, buoys, to the rental of gas cylinders complete with diving suits and swimsuits. So, you don't have to bother bringing diving equipment from home.

2. Jellyfish Habitat

In addition to having the best spots to do diving or snorkeling sports. It turns out that Kalong Labuan Bajo Island also has an exotic marine habitat, namely sea jellyfish. Even jellyfish in this area are able to multiply well.

So it is not surprising that the number of jellyfish can be up to hundreds or even more. Of course, this can be one of the mandatory agendas that you can do when visiting the location of Kalong Island. However, you still have to maintain the diversity of jellyfish! Never damage or disturb their habitat.

3. The Many Habitats of the Kalongs

Not only rich in marine habitat. Because Kalong Labuan Bajo Island also still has many other animals in it. One of them is the habitat of countless kalongs.

If you visit during the day, surely you will see a lot of nocturnal animals perched on thousands of trees there. But at night the animal will carry out hunting activities to meet their food needs.

Of course, this can be one of the list of activities that you should not miss to enjoy Kalong Island at night. So the right time to see the activities he does is around 6 pm local Indonesian time.

But you also shouldn't forget, that this island still has many wild animals. Therefore, pay attention to your own safety when hiking in this area! Don't let it be because of your own carelessness that it can threaten safety.

Things to Look for When Visiting a Wild Island

Kalong Labuan Bajo Island is still included in the wild island. So when you visit the area, make sure to know the following things.

1. Using a Travel Agent

If you are from outside the outer area of East Nusa Tenggara. So there is nothing wrong with using the services of a travel agent when traveling Labuan Bajo or coming to tourist destinations on Kalong Island.

This is so that the tour you do can be easier. In addition, because you also don't know exactly about the area, travel agent services can really help you.

2. Obey the Applicable Rules

Every tourist destination certainly has written and unwritten rules. Of course, you also have to know these rules. You can read it carefully first, so that later you don't violate the rules there.

However, for unwritten rules, you should ask a travel agent. This is done so that one's own safety can be better maintained. In addition, it is also a form that we respect the "host" there.

3. Provide the Best Physical State

The next thing you should not miss is your physical condition. Make sure if your condition is really fit so you can explore Kalong Island. In addition, you must also prepare personal medicines. This is done in case of unwanted things.

In addition to doing some of the things above as preparations when visiting Kalong Labuan Bajo Island, also make sure other preparations. For example, personal needs such as funds, personal clothing, and several other things must also be more ascertained.

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