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Tips for Getting Cheap Airline Tickets

Tips for getting cheap flight tickets – Lately Indonesians have been getting more active in traveling. Tourism has become one of the lifestyles for some Indonesians. Whenever there is time off they will directly travel to the destination tourist attractions. Not even a few planned it months in advance.

How can they travel constantly? Isn't the cost of traveling very high? What's the secret? Simple really, they know how to get cheap plane tickets.

It used to feel a little difficult to always travel by plane. The aircraft seems to be reserved only for those who are wealthy. The high cost of airline tickets that can reach 50% of the entire travel budget makes it rare for people from the middle class to travel by plane.

Until recent years, this has not been too much of an obstacle for the Indonesian people with the existence of  Low Cost Courier (LCC), a low-cost aircraft. But back to the budget, is it true that your travel budget will be sucked 50 percent of it just for the cost of the plane? Let's prove it and calculate it together.

Tips for Getting Cheap Airline Tickets

Let's assume you want to take a vacation with your family to the Island of the Gods. You and your family of 3 want to spend your vacation time for 4 days and 3 nights on the island. Assuming you live in Jakarta, we assume that the Jakarta Bali ticket is worth Rp. 500,000/ person or 2 million rupiah for one way, then you will need around 4 million rupiah for the cost of a round-trip plane. This figure does not include airport tax which is usually Rp. 40,000 per person.

Of course, you need a place to stay while on the Island of the Gods of Bali, therefore we must not forget about the cost of lodging. If you stay at a hotel, we assume you take 2 rooms to occupy with a room price range of around Rp. 350,000 per night, including breakfast. Then your daily expenses for lodging are Rp. 700,000, multiplied by 3 nights then the total expenditure for the hotel is Rp. 2,100,000.

Plus the assumption of other expenses while there such as the cost of meals, vehicles while there, souvenirs and others which are around 3 million, then we can detail your travel costs as follows:

  • Return flight ticket Rp. 4.000.000
  • Hotel IDR 2,100,000
  • Miscellaneous Age Rp. 3.000.000
  • Total Rp. 9.100.000

It can be seen from the simulation above that plane tickets do suck up almost 50% of your total expenses. Therefore, to reduce the amount of airfare you need to know the ways and tips to get cheap flight tickets so that you can stay on vacation without worrying about travel costs.

How to Get Cheap Flight Tickets:

Book Well In Advance

One common way to get cheap airfares is to book them well in advance of your departure date. Booking a ticket 1 day before departure will not get you the cheap air ticket you crave. Airlines will increase the ticket price when it is close to the departure date.

Patiently Check Ticket Prices

Airfare changes relatively quickly, ticket prices change in a matter of hours. Therefore, you must diligently check patiently for the price of the plane ticket you want. It may seem a long time but that's the thing you have to do to get the cheap tickets you want.

Transit Or Not?

If you're traveling in a no-time manner or in a relaxed state, then long transit times won't be a problem for you. Cheap flights tend to have a longer transit time, which can be above 2 hours. Suppose you want to go from Jakarta to Seoul, in addition to looking for a direct Jakarta-Seoul flight, look for indirect flights as well, for example Jakarta-Singapore and then Singapore-Seoul.

It could be that you will get a cheaper ticket and during the wait you can travel inside the airport. Now that many airports are beautifying themselves so that transit passengers don't feel bored spending their time at the airport, Changi Singapore airport is one example.

The Existence Of The Airport

If you live in a place that has more than one airport, then you have the choice of a place to leave. But if there is only 1 airport, then try to look at departures from the city closest to your place, it could be that the ticket price is cheaper. For example, the price of departure from Jakarta is more expensive than the price of departure from Bandung, so you can choose to depart from Bandung to the destination.

View Departure Day And Time

Flight tickets will be more expensive at certain times, this is very reasonable considering that if there is a lot of demand, the price will definitely increase as well. To get cheap flight tickets, choose a less popular flight day and time. Considering that the price of airplane tickets is more expensive during weekends or holiday seasons, then choose a vacation time other than these times. Book air tickets for less crowded days, for example in the middle of the week.

Not only the departure day that you have to consider when you want to buy cheap flight tickets, the departure time is also something to consider. It will be cheaper to leave at hours that are not commonly taken by others, for example in the morning or at midnight.

For example, you will get a cheap plane ticket on a Sunday morning, as most people will still enjoy their vacation time and usually they will take an evening departure to return to their place of residence. So wherever you travel, choose departure and return times that are rarely used by others so that you get the price of a plane ticket that you want.

See Other Airlines

In Indonesia, there have been many new airlines that offer cheap tickets, so you won't be limited to just one airline. Several foreign-owned airlines such as Jet Star, Air Asia, Mandala Tiger Air and locally owned airlines such as Lion Air and Citilink will take you to your destination with not so expensive ticket prices.

Choose the one that suits your needs and don't be lazy to compare prices from several maskapi to get the best price.

Check Online Promotions

Be diligent in checking airline websites to find out the promos that are being offered. If you are interested in the promo, book and buy tickets online, as they will usually be cheaper than buying tickets when you are at the airport.

Register Your Email With Various Airlines

Registering an email with several airlines provides several advantages, one of which is that you will not have to check promos from these airlines frequently because they are the ones who will notify you via email about the promo. You will be up to date about the latest promos without having to open the websites of these airlines one by one.

Baggage, Seating, Insurance And Meals

LCC airlines will usually charge extra for baggage, seat selection, insurance and meal reservations. If you want your ticket price to remain cheap, there is no need to take these offers.

Social Media Promos

Now almost everyone is active on social media. If you are one of those who really like social media such as Facebook and Twitter, then like or follow airlines that often make cheap flight ticket promos so that you are always up to date with all the promos offered by the airline.

Departure Date

Air tickets will soar in price during the high season. What is meant by high season is times when almost everyone needs a plane ticket to travel such as during school holidays, Eid holidays, Christmas and New Year holidays.

Ticket prices will definitely go up and cheap ticket promos will be eliminated. Choose a flexible departure time if there is no promo on your desired departure date. Instead of setting a departure date based on your wishes, it is better to set the departure time based on the promo ticket date, thus you can be sure that you will get a low ticket price.

Internet Banking And Credit Card Payments

Payment for air tickets can be made in several ways. Since not all airlines accept atm payments, it's a good idea to set up Internet Banking for your payments or use a credit card to pay for them. This last method is the most commonly used by many people.

Cheap Ticket Sites

There are several cheap ticket search sites out there. These sites save you time in search of cheap tickets because you just enter your departure or return date and the site will collect cheap ticket prices from several airlines based on the info you enter.

One-Way Ticket And Round Trip Ticket

When purchasing a ticket, you will be given a choice between a one-way ticket and a round-trip ticket. There are times when a round-trip ticket is cheaper than a one-way ticket, but sometimes this is not the case.

When your round-trip ticket becomes more expensive, then choose a one-way ticket for departure and look from another airline for your return ticket. It could be that you will get a much cheaper price.

Other Things to Note Before Buying a Ticket

Some things you need to pay attention to before buying a plane ticket, including if you want to travel abroad, make sure you have the necessary important papers such as a Passport before booking a ticket.

If you don't have a Passport when you want to book a ticket, it's a good idea to postpone the ticket purchase until your passport is finished. Do not let the ticket you bought forfeited because your passport is not ready. If you're planning to travel with a friend or more, decide on your travel companion before purchasing a ticket.

Don't just look for travel companions when you see a deal, then chances are that your time will run out looking for travel companions and miss the available promos. If all the necessary things are ready, don't procrastinate on buying promotional tickets. Don't regret it later because you delay buying ticket promos for various reasons.

Those are some ways and tips to get cheap tickets. Happy hunting for cheap tickets

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