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Enjoy the underwater view of sauwandarek jetty village

In the southwest of the Mansuar Islands of Raja Ampat there is a small village called Sauwandarek. The somewhat dilapidated appearance of the village from a distance and the old buildings that surround the workshop may not say much. But this small village is home to a truly unique and exceptional diving experience.

The pier is located in a natural cove and is protected from the strong currents that flow around Mansuar, creating a perfect dive site and nature reserve for the area's marine life. In addition, the dive sites near the strong currents of the Dampier Strait provide a safe and natural environment for schools of fish and a turtle species called Raja Ampat. 

Enjoy the underwater view of sauwandarek jetty village

The diving point is a gentle coral reef extending from the pier to the east and west. The reef slopes are filled with impressive rock formations covered with colorful hard coral and lush soft coral growths ranging from giant fans to sea anemones of all colors and sizes. The terrain of the dive site is he one of the most impressive in all of Raja Ampat. 

Dive sites have a lot of macro life. Experiment with finer coral formations and you might be lucky enough to see nudibranchs, pipefish, heron octopuses and even tiny seahorses. For those interested in larger sea creatures, Sauwandarek is also a perfect dive site. Dolphins are often seen swimming behind boats en route to their dive sites, and pilot whales can be seen in the distance at certain times of the year.

The dive site itself is famous for sea turtles that call the reef their habitat. One of them is a giant female green sea turtle that lives in the crevices of rock formations. Divers often gracefully experience it from cover for the perfect photo opportunity. This dive site also has a large collection of batfish typically found around the pier. This group is known for interacting with divers and playing games while diving.

In the immediate vicinity of the reef slopes, divers often see barracuda and parrotfish migrating along the coast, especially at low tide. Best time to dive in this area. Depending on the tide, the dive will start in the west or east. No matter where you start, you can end up in shallow water around the pier where many small fish await divers' attention. With so many fish in such a small area, divers often don't know where to look.

One of the region's most hidden gems, his Sauwan Derek Pier offers a simple yet amazing diving experience year-round for divers of all levels.

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