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Tips for Safely Leaving Home On Vacation

Tips for Safely Leaving Home On Vacation

The holiday season is when you and your family go on vacation to unwind due to busy work or school. If you have determined a place to vacation, also prepare other things such as transportation, lodging, and don't forget home security when you just go on vacation. 

Many things can happen when you go on a long vacation, such as a house burning due to an electrical short circuit, laziness of valuables, gas stove explosions, and many other lurking dangers. But you don't need to worry when you have to leave the house for a long time, here we will provide tips on safely leaving home.

Say goodbye to the Security Guard of the Complex or Neighbors

This is important for you to do, so that the neighbors around you and the security guards in your complex know that your house is empty when you go on a long vacation. Let them know when you go and when you go home. This will help them know the state of your home in a safe position or not.

Check Home Gas and Electricity Pay 

Attention to your kitchen before traveling. Make sure that you have turned off the gas line on your stove to avoid things you don't want. Turn off all electrical contacts that are still on, such as TV plugs, chargers, and so on.

Store Valuables in a Safe

Place Don't forget to store securities, jewelry, vehicle keys, and other valuables in a place that will outwit bad guys when they break into your home.

Turn on the Lights at Night

Usually this is a little troublesome, this is because it is impossible for you to turn on and turn on the house lights. If you want, you can install a sensor on the lamp so that it can turn on and off at the time you specify.

The above tips cannot guarantee 100% of your home is fine when you live on vacation. But the tips above have reduced the risk of harm by 90%, very useful wouldn't you if you did it all?

It is important that you emphasize that, taking a vacation is something that relaxes you and relieves fatigue. It's good not to worry too much about what's at home, leave everything to God, then your vacation will certainly be fun. 

The tips for safely leaving home above are one of the things you must do before traveling, this is of course because it will reduce the risk of crime and suppress other dangerous things happening in your home. Hopefully, these tips will be useful for you and your family. 

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