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Citrus Ridge Coral Reef in Raja Ampat

Citrus Ridge Coral Reef in Raja Ampat

In the western part of Gam Island, Raja Ampat, you encounter a natural channel separating the landmass from the Yanggelo islet. In this channel, you find several dive spots, one of which is Citrus Ridge. Located on the North- Eastern edge of Yanggelo, the dive point is fluently accessible and provides and isolated and safe entry point for divers down from the main channel. 

The point can be dived from the north or the south, depending on the current direction. You don't want to swim into the current during this dive as these currents can get relatively violent. still, indeed with these currents, it's a dive point accessible to divers of all situations. This is a authentically inconceivable dive. 


The channel is lined with thick mangrove timbers on both sides, where the reef gently pitches towards the center of the channel. The nutrients from the mangrove timbers make the waters in the area the perfect spot for a host of marine life and growth to flourish. 

As you make your way down the gentle pitch, you're first saluted with sporadic gemstone conformations and coral bommies easing divers into the dive. On these pitches, you can spot multitudinous crustaceans each over the flaxen bottom while numerous anemones give sanctum for ghost shrimps and clownfish.

 As you make your way along the pitch, coral growth becomes further thick and various. millions of fish are seen each over the reef and in the channel. While it's possible to follow the bank and still have an inconceivable dive, you'll be missing out on the main magnet of the dive point. 


 It's possible to break off from the bank, and with a short syncope towards the center of the channel, you'll reach the reef conformation that gives Citrus Ridge its name. This large zenith is set up around 14m in- depth and is covered in the most inconceivable coral growth you can imagine deep oranges, yellows, reds, and indeed flora. 

It looks like you're heading into a field of citrus fruit from a distance. Large sponger conformations, coral suckers, and soft coral growth spread throughout this zenith. The depth and the position in the center of the channel make it the ideal position for large seminaries of fish to meet and be seen each over. The combination of colours and the millions of fish make this an fantastic scene to behold. 


 Once you have explored this inconceivable zenith, it's time to make your way to the contrary pitch of the channel, where the gentle pitch resumes and allows divers to gradationally make their way up to a safety stop depth all. At the same time, the reef and cornucopia of fishlife noway cease. 

Either ending your dive in a shallow corner of mangrove timber in the south or the shallow borderline reef of Yanggelo to the north, depending on where you started the dive. This point must be dived while in Raja Ampat and will be a talking point long after the experience.

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