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Swim with Clownfish

Swim with Clownfish

Raja Ampat is correctly known as the most biodiverse marine ecosystem encyclopedically. The cornucopia of healthy coral reefs and marine species is a diver’s dream. The Clownfish is one of our favourite marine brutes that you can see during your visit to the region. 

While clownfish might have set up their fame from Chancing Nemo, these distinctive fish are much more intriguing than an vitality film can ever do justice. 

Also known as Anemonefish, Clownfish are primarily set up in the warm waters of shallow and retired reefs in the Pacific and Indian abysses, and there are about 30 different linked species. 

Swim with Clownfish

Besides the notorious bright orange and white banded variant, these ridiculous fish sport colours ranging from reds to blacks

Some are indeed classified as false Clownfish. As a diver, you might be stylish served to carry a fish relating slate or prisoner the little creature on camera to identify exactly which species you have encountered. 

These fish are substantially set up living in a symbiotic relationship with anemones. In numerous cases, these will match colours to give natural disguise, and while there are thousands of anemone species, lower than twenty of these can support this relationship. In some cases, a single brace of clownfish will be the only bones ever to call a single anemone their home. 

These fish primarily feed on colorful plankton species, algae, dead corridor of the anemone, lower draggers, scallops, nudibranchs, squid, and other pets when the occasion arises. In utmost cases, this will affect from the anemone landing larger prey and the Clownfish scavenging the leavings. 

Swim with Clownfish

Clownfish males are part model Daddies; they will do all the medication, guarding, and conservation of the nest, and while the males play the part of caretakers, the ladies oversee the academy

All Clownfish are born manly but will change coitus when their mate dies, or the academy has lost several ladies to balance out the group. 

While diving in Raja Ampat, keep an eye out for these cute beasties hiding in the various anemones.

Frequently you'll indeed encounter an aggressive lady who'll fiercely defend her home, trying to blackjack you despite her small size.

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