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Neu Reef In Raja Ampat

Neu Reef In Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat has an unimaginable number of dive sites, but one area in particular is the numerous interconnected and overlapping reef hotspots. Kuri Island is located in the heart of the Dampier Strait, known for its rich marine life. 

The most popular dive sites you may hear of are Cape Chestnut, Sardine and Chicken Reef, but there are less dives and there is New His Reef, a coral reef of unimaginable proportions.

The New Reef is a vast reef system consisting of two main sloping reefs and a shallow shoal that connects the two. Depending on the location of the dive sites, millions of fish can be seen swimming through the coral reefs. This spot has it all: turtles, tigers, parrotfish, reef harpies. 

Coral reefs are an emotional mix of gemstone conformations rich in diverse hard coral and prominent soft coral growth. The openings and ridges formed by the gem's conformation are home to a wide variety of marine life, and it's common to find a tassel wobbegong shark or two to relax in. 

Head to the bottom rung of the reef field and you'll see soft coral growth overhead. Looking up, you can imagine yourself in a field where trees, like suckers for the sea, gently sway with the movement of the water.

Neu Reef In Raja Ampat

The two reef sites offer an unimaginable diving experience, but the connecting shallow waters make this point even more appealing. This area may seem really unpretentious from afar, but when you cross the blob to reach the connected playfield, you'll find a large seminary of tigers swimming lazily in the current. 

can be a natural and easy stalking ground for these predatory fish. This dive point is enough for many to bring the previously unthinkable dive to the next position, but this dive 's crowning glory is hidden in the shallow waters below.

The beach is 12-15 meters deep and is largely protected from the strong currents of the Dampier Strait, making it a great escape from Papuan garden eels. These tiny eels can be seen as far as the eye can see, and from a distance they look like soft corals swaying in the ocean currents. eat microbes.

When the eels are approached, they retreat into their fishing holes. This can be a very entertaining sight when swimming across shallow water. Those who are patient can get a close-up view and actually snap a picture or two. 

Curious eels, restless and motionless in the shallows, are shot in the head one by one, eventually Protrudes a body of considerable length from the hole. This sighting is his one of the most stylish places to find these unimaginable beasts. New Reef is one of the best secret dive sites in the Raja Ampat area.

Still, if you come to the wrong place or catch the wrong current, you could miss it or not dive at all, so it's important to dive with a guide or instructor who is familiar with the dive sites. It will blow your mind in the most stylish way.

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