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Fruit Bats Migration at Sunset

Tropical tree-lined boulevards and white sandy beaches are nothing to suggest that this island in Indonesia's Raja Ampat region  is  different from  other stunning islands in the region. Myoscon is a popular island for tourists and locals in the region. 

This tropical island is surrounded by spectacular coral reefs known for excellent diving and snorkeling spots. At the same time, the white beach is a popular spot for divers to spend time between dives and day trips, relaxing on the white beach and cooling off in the crystal clear waters. 

Spend time on this island and you'll soon  notice the sounds of the jungle  in the background, and as you leave the beach and step into a small clearing, you'll begin to discern different sounds. 

Birds chirp on the branches, insects flap in the distance, and low whistles and screeches are heard, answered by another. These whistles change the tone and  you instantly realize you're listening to  a conversation.

Fruit Bats Migration at Sunset

Look closely at the treetops and you'll notice the drooping black  shapes that sway in the  breeze. As the sun sets, the screeches and whistles become louder and more frequent, and the dark forms begin to move. As if inviting the rest of the forms, one or two spread their wings and fly off to circle the treetops.

It doesn't take long before you realize that whistles fill the air as swarms of dark figures soar from the treetops and their silhouettes soar above  the picturesque sunsets the region is known for. increase. We witnessed the beginning of the nocturnal migration of Papua flying foxes, also known as flying foxes.

This daily migration has become a popular tourist activity, with many dive boats circling the island as sunset approaches, and thousands of bats can be seen leaving their daytime lairs to head for the mainland at night. increase. 

Raja Ampat's famous diving area includes many unexplored islands and vast areas of the mainland. These lush tropical jungles are home to many bird of paradise, wild bush his pigs and many other species. 

The jungle is home to countless fruit trees, including bananas, coconuts, papaya, local snake fruit and rambutan. Papua flying fox festival site. Flocks of bats leaving Myoskon congregate on the nearby Waigeo mainland to spend the night picking fruit from trees. 

Her favorite food seems to be bananas, and fruit bats can easily eat a lot of bananas in one  night. These bats  circle their intended target and pounce repeatedly to re-chew the selected fruit, often  for hours.

Fruit Bats Migration at Sunset

After the feast, these large bats  spend the rest of the night flying around the island, flying out of the dark skies to investigate anything of interest, often frightening the unsuspecting. 

Often these are local resorts or family fruit trees. Despite their  size and the many urban myths surrounding bats, bats are completely harmless and help disperse the seeds of the fruit they eat. These bats play an important role in local ecosystems. I'm here.

Myoscon is known for its large population of flying foxes, but there are many small groups of bats in the area. Many bat caves and small islands are home to these flying foxes and smaller species. 

Access to most of these caves is by boat on certain tides. Swimming through a small opening to access an air-filled cavern where the bats that hang from the cave ceiling are sleeping is truly a unique experience.

The West Papua region is largely uninhabited, making it a popular area for bats and bird watchers to see rare and endangered species in their natural habitat. 

Many local guides specialize in these sightings, and these sightings are often available from the outdoor lounges of area resorts or the patios of local homestays. It is an awe-inspiring sight to see the bats returning from the mainland as the night falls.

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