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World Heritage Destinations with Beautiful Komodo Tours

Enjoying komodo dragon tourist destinations on Labuan Bajo trip which is a World Heritage with natural wealth owned by Indonesia is endless to always explore. Its beauty and beauty are an attraction for every local and foreign community. Currently, Komodo Island has been named one of the international tourist attractions with various Komodo tourist destinations offered.

Varanasus Komodoensis or better known as Komodo dragon is the largest lizard-like animal in the world that lives in Indonesia precisely in Labuan Bajo. Because its existence is only in Indonesia, the Komodo dragon has been considered a typical animal native to Indonesia.

World Heritage Destinations with Beautiful Komodo Tours

Explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites with Komodo Tourism

Komodo National Park, along with Rinca Island and Padar Island, has become a single entity into part of the UNESCO world heritage site. The beauty of hers has been recognized by all over the world so that it has won the title of "New 7 Wonders of Nature". Now Komodo Island in Labuan Bajo has been side by side with other popular world attractions.

No wonder the Komodo Islands as the natural habitat of ancient Komodo dragons have become a tourist destination for Labuan Bajo which is in great demand by travelers. Komodo Island is located within the Komodo District, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). You can visit the Komodo Islands to witness firsthand the "cute" behavior of this endangered animal.

Uniqueness and Beauty of Komodo Tourism

Why is Komodo Island one of Indonesia's tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo which is the center of world attention? Actually, it is not just a tourist attraction, but is a habitat for prehistoric animals, namely Komodo dragons. In fact, some scientists from the University of Melbourne Australia in 2009 all the way came to Komodo Island to conduct a research research on this endemic animal.

As it turns out, Komodo dragons are animals that originally came from Australia, then have migrated to the Lesser Sunda Islands and until now survive in East Nusa Tenggara, Labuan Bajo. What a wonder of the world that should not be missed for us to visit and witness.

As one of the destinations, Labuan Bajo trip is interesting with its uniqueness and natural beauty. Komodo National Park is constantly used as an option in spending vacation time by some people. With all the allure inherited, Komodo Island once made a history of achievements in 2017 as the top 10 best destinations in the world out of the other 100 best destinations presented in the July 2017 issue of National Geographic Magazine.

Not enough that, the achievement of his achievements, in 2011, this archipelago as a Komodo tourism has been designated as one of the seven wonders of the world. The voting results showed that Komodo Island in Labuan Bajo received the most votes from all over the world community. Talking about the achievements of the Komodo National Park is endless. It has been established for a long time as 1997 as one of the sites of the Human Reserve and Biosphere based on rare beauty and aesthetics that are rarely encountered.

You should not be left behind in enjoying this Komodo tourist destination. Besides being able to see Komodo dragons directly, the Komodo National Park in Labuan Bajo has offered other attractions that you can visit. The following is a list of some selected tourist attractions to add to the impression of your vacation trip.

Stretches of Savanna Forests and Grasslands

Komodo National Park is not only famous for its unique Komodo dragons, but also has the beauty of the Savanna Forest and Grasslands. Of the area of the entire area, 70% is the Savanna Meadow which is overgrown with all kinds of grasses in a lush manner. For those of you who are looking for a tourist attraction or a trip to Labuan Bajo with a stretch of Savanna Forest and Grassland, then Komodo National Park is the paradise.

The Beauty of Pink Beach

The name is also Komodo tourism in the Komodo National Park, of course you are very easy to find this ancient animal. Because the komodo dragon lifestyle in Labuan Bajo is not in groups, when you visit this island, there is no need to be afraid when you encounter it on the side of the road or around the beach.

Talking about the beach during the Labuan Bajo trip, Komodo National Park has one beach that is very famous for its beauty, namely Pink Beach. This beach is famous for its natural charm. Beautiful, beautiful, and amazing to look at and enjoy. Decorated with coral rocks and pink sand, this beach water looks clear and clear. It was from this pink sand that it earned the nickname Pink Beach.

The beach itself cannot be separated from the marine life in it. Beaches in Komodo National Park, especially in Labuan Bajo, store a million types of marine life that make the underwater scenery even more beautiful. When you choose to do a Komodo tour, you can try diving to see and enjoy the underwater richness of this beach, such as dolphins, whales, stingrays, sharks, green turtles, coral reefs, seaweed, and other species.

Komodo Tourist Destinations with Bajo Crew Tour

After you get information about the uniqueness and beauty of Komodo National Park in the Labuan Bajo tour package, of course, there is a desire and dream to visit this world's flagship destination. Therefore, there is a Bajo Crew Tour as your best friend for all tour plans to Komodo Island in Labuan Bajo.

Bajo Crew Tour has been established for a long time armed with extensive experience in the field of tourism, especially for tourism to the Komodo National Park. For many years, it has contributed fully in providing all kinds of Komodo tourism needs and desires during the Labuan Bajo trip.

The travel package services offered also vary. You can adjust this option to the desired trip criteria in Labuan Bajo. Includes package options such as photographer and videographer packages on Komodo Island, trips with private packages and trips with labuan bajo open trips. All have been fully provided.

When you choose Bajo Crew Tour as the achievement of your desire to travel to Komodo National Park, all interesting tourist activities will be provided for you to enjoy with family, friends, and couples. Among them are seeing Komodo dragons, seeing the sun sinking from the boat, walking past the amazing vantage point of Flores Island, watching the exotic flying bat attractions over the island at sunset, trips at the beautiful Pink Beach of Labuan Bajo, trekking in the forest, and not forgetting the snorkling activities.

These activities are perfect for your Komodo tour. Labuan Bajo trip offered is in accordance with the uniqueness and natural beauty of Komodo National Park. So you will not be disappointed with the service provided.

From Bajo Crew Tour itself offers a schedule to enjoy tourist destinations to Komodo Island every Friday. The number of world tourists who also visit, so Bajo Crew Tour has provided the right choice of time. In addition, considering the weather and waves problems around the Komodo National park, there is a good choice of seasons for Labuan Bajo trips to travel to Komodo island, which is between March and December.

The price for the Komodo tour package offered is quite affordable. There are two price options, namely Rp. 2,350,000 / Share Cabin and Rp. 3,000,000 / Private Cabin. Be happy with the Bajo Crew Tour and let's enjoy the holiday with a walk. Komodo dragons

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