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Angel Island Labuan Bajo

Angel Island Labuan Bajo may still not be very familiar to the public. This island is not as popular as Komodo National Park. But the charm it has is really dazzling.

The beauty of Angel Island is really maintained because local residents and the community maintain its natural sustainability.

Regulations for visitors to preserve nature are also enforced. All of this is to keep Angel Island natural.

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Angel Island Labuan Bajo

Attractions of Angel Island Labuan Bajo

There are so many attractions on the Beautiful Island of Bidadari Labuan Bajo. Its charm makes many tourists more interested in vacationing here.

The following are the attractions of Angel Island:

1. Clear Sea Water

Angel Island is surrounded by the ocean with its clear water. The color is turquoise so it looks attractive. When exposed to sunlight, the water seems to shimmer.

This island is still rarely visited by tourists. Therefore, the cleanliness is really maintained.

Clean sea water makes many underwater biota like it. You will see a lot of small fish swimming around.

Coupled with the beautiful rock, it makes the charm even more perfect.

2. Naming History

Why is the name referred to as Angel Island? Sounds unique doesn't it? It turns out that the naming of Angel Island has a history, you know.

It used to be named Bajo Island. Then, there is another island near this island that has a beautiful charm called Bidara Island. In the end, the two islands were considered united which was named Angel Island.

In addition to the historical story of naming this island, there are mystical stories that are believed by the surrounding community. It is said that there are often mysterious figures on angel island at certain times.

According to local residents, the figure is a beautiful girl. That is what causes this island to be referred to as Angel Island.

3. Has a Peaceful and Calm Feel

The natural atmosphere on Angel Island of Labuan Bajo is very calm. In fact, many people think that the quiet and calm atmosphere on this island has something to do with the presence of ethereal creatures.

Visitors will feel a different sensation when setting foot on this island. A quiet and peaceful atmosphere. If you need a place to refresh, this attraction is very suitable to choose.

4. No Komodo Dragons

Although its location in Flores is identical to komodo dragons, on this island no Komodo dragons are found. You don't have to worry about the existence of these beasts.

On Angel Island is inhabited by various tiny animals. So exploring this island is guaranteed to be safe.

5. Island with Beautiful Charm in West Flores

The attraction of Angel Island is indeed attracting a lot of tourists. Beautiful scenery with a completely natural feel of nature.

No wonder this island is included as one of the most beautiful islands in West Flores. The extremely quiet atmosphere is very suitable for calming down.

Fun Things to Do on Angel Island

1. Swimming

The fun thing to do on Angel Island is swimming. The beaches around this island have water with a shallow depth. So you can swim in the area. But keep in mind do not swim too far into the middle of the sea, for safety.

2. Take pictures

You will find many interesting photo spots on Angel Island. Many were amazed by the beautiful scenery. Don't forget to capture holiday moments by taking selfies or selfies with your beloved family.

3. Relax and enjoy nature

The quiet atmosphere can be used to relax while enjoying the natural beauty of Angel Island. Please roll out mats on the beach. The breezy wind that touches the face gives a different atmosphere. It felt at home lingering there.

As the name implies, Angel Island has the charm of beautiful beauty like an angel. Although it is less popular than Komodo National Park, you must come to Angel Island if you go to Flores.

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