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Travel guide to Raja Ampat

Every diver knows that Raja Ampat is one of the world's best dive sites, but not everyone knows what to expect when visiting this paradise. The Raja Ampat Islands are located in the remote province of West Papua, Indonesia. 

Reaching this area can be the first daunting task in planning your dream diving adventure. The islands in the region offer many opportunities to visit homestays and offer a true local experience. The local community is incredibly friendly and caring. 

Visiting one of his on the island or visiting the local Waisaihi market or restaurant often leads to interesting conversations and interactions with the locals. The people of this community are very proud of their paradise and are always happy to share their knowledge with visitors. 

These restaurants, markets and homestays offer opportunities to learn about local cuisine and traditions. An experience to cherish for a lifetime. Resorts and homestays can vary greatly in the facilities they offer their guests. 

Most of the time it covers basic needs. Homestays and traditional resorts offer visitors the same basic amenities as the typical backpacker experience. Some resorts offer a more modern stay without promoting mass tourism. 

It offers. The area's boutique shops and small tourism industry are one of the main reasons diving is still the best in the world. Speaking of diving. This area offers visitors a truly overwhelming experience. The Coral Triangle is home to the world's most diverse underwater biome, from the smallest pygmy seahorses to giant manta rays, in one of the world's most vibrant and healthy coral reef systems. 

Hundreds of dive web sites provide some thing for divers of all degrees and interests. Raja Ampat is a truly unique destination and prides itself on being a pristine paradise. A visit to this area is a reminder of the natural beauty of the world and the importance of protecting it. 

Taking a week or two to break out of the confines of modern life with limited technology and urban living is an experience we all need to accept.

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