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Solo Traveling: Planning to Go Traveling Alone? Who's Afraid!

Love to travel but don't like to be complicated? Why not try to go traveling alone? Besides being able to relieve fatigue, traveling alone or solo traveling will provide your own freedom to explore the world out there. Traveling does not have to be crowded, traveling alone can be an interesting new experience

Solo traveling usually brings the impression of worry such as being deceived or unable to find the right choice of place and others, however, if you think positively you will feel comfortable and safe when solo traveling Want your solo traveling trip to remain comfortable? Here are a variety of tips that can be followed.

Tips When Solo Traveling

First, look for as much information as possible. In order not to be confused when traveling, try to find as much information as possible about the tourist destinations to be visited. When you have a lot of knowledge, you won't be confused when you are here. So before leaving, you can find out what transportation can be used. 

Secondly, bring enough money. Before leaving for solo traveling. You can estimate how much money to bring with you during your trip. By bringing enough money, you will be able to live frugally and anti-wasteful. You also don't need to feel paranoid when you bring enough money. In essence, you can still do solo traveling very comfortably. 

Thirdly, always pay attention to appearance. Every country or city must have different cultural values. One of the things to pay attention to is how to dress. Adjust the style of dressing you have with the cultural values on the tour, besides that you also have to limit the use of accessories so that it does not invite criminal acts.

Fourth, communicate with the surrounding community because you are on vacation alone, You can communicate with the community around you visiting. Information about exciting tours to cheap culinary you can get from the public Usually, they better understand the ins and outs of the location to be visited.

Finally, when traveling alone, you don't need to be shy and must be a confident person. If you don't dare, your trip can be less enjoyable. In addition, don't hesitate to ask for help when you want to take pictures at a tourist spot. Lest, just because you dare not ask for help taking photos, you don't have a photo collection at all.

Benefits of Going Traveling Alone

There are all sorts of great benefits of traveling:

  • First, it is more frugal. Although traveling together with other people will save costs because it can share costs, many see that solo traveling will help you maintain the contents of your wallet. If you want to save more on costs, you can stay in a hostel.
  • Second, flexibility is only yours. When traveling together with others, you have to divide your time and desires. But with this solo traveling, you will become more free and flexible, because traveling alone, means that you are the captain. Arrange your own various trips that you like without thinking about others.
  • Third, make new connections when solo traveling. You will have a traveling theme. In fact, when you get lost in a place you can easily ask your fellow locals In this case, you are required to interact a lot with new people, it could be that your friendship and the people you meet will continue after traveling
  • Fourth learn confidence. When traveling together with a best friend, you will definitely rely more on it when you have a difficulty on the trip. At first glance, it will be calmer, because when something untoward happens, you only need to ask your best friend for help. However, this habit actually makes you not independent, but with solo traveling, you can be more independent.

The most important thing in solo traveling is freedom of expression If you are usually embarrassed when you want to take pictures, you can be free to take pictures without seeming embarrassed Even if usually your desires are limited because you have to take a middle ground together with friends, when solo traveling you can be more free.

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